Welcome at Typing Scout, a web application for training and improving typing skills. The application runs in a cloud (GDPR-compliant) and is perfect for learning to type on your own. You only need internet connection and a compatible browser for using Typing Scout. With Typing Scout you will learn to type texts with the ten finger touch system.


You're reading the learn zone for single persons. If you're interested in Typing Scout's school version, please follow the link to the Learn zone for schools.

With Typing Scout you will learn to type texts with the ten finger touch system.

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Typing Scout enables you to learn to type on your own.
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Test all functions of Typing Scout (picture and keyboard game: base row and upper row, text writing game: 10 texts, Scout Mode: 10 chapters).

The learn zone shows you the full variety of Typing Scout.

Access to the test version with your Google account.

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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest!"

Benjamin Franklin

Grading, examinations

Speed and accuracy of the students can be checked with the 10 minutes testing.

Keystroke (KS):

Every time a key is pressed, (letter, space, and enter) it is called keystroke. Capital letters and most special characters need two strokes since either Shift or AltGr has to be pressed.

Errors (E):

Errors are wrong, missing and unnecessary letters and characters as well as missing or unnecessary spaces.

Wrong keystrokes (WKS):
WKS = E x 25
Correct keystrokes (CKS)
CKS = KS – E x 25
Errors in percent (E%):
Percentage = Errors x 100 / keystrokes

The first decimal place indicates the grade.

   KS: 1220
    E: 3
   E%: 0.245
Grade: 2
Writing efficiency/10 min:

A beginner should be able to write 1000 – 1200 correct strokes.
States examination: 2400 correct strokes

Typewriting - Overview examination (basic level):

When using Typing Scout the number of errors should decline.

Typewriting - Overview examination (advanced level):

You can write the examinations in the menu Text Writing Game.

Please select the requested examination and the settings (here: keyboard not displayed, text as block text, not corrigible)

Write an examination (10 minutes).

Indicate in the protocol that the written text was an examination.
Compare the result with your targets in program description
Explanation: WPM = words per minute (1 word has 5 letters)

The sorting function gives you an overview of the examinations you have made.

Type Writing

Basic rules

Skills come with practice!
Learning to type needs conscious training and concentrated work!

  • Do not look at the keyboard!
  • Use a cover!
  • Write slowly and in tact!


  • Your feet must stand flat on the floor.
  • The upper body is erect, your back leans against the back of the chair.
  • Upper and lower arms form a right angle.
  • Keep your hands straight!
  • The keyboard is touched by the tip of your fingers (basic position)

Exercises for relaxation

Exercises for relaxation prevent cramps and heavy hands.

  • Exercises for the fingers
  • Exercises for the hands
  • Exercises for the neck

Listening to relaxation music before typing can improve concentration.

Basic position

left little finger:a right little finger:;
left ring finger:s right ring finger:l
left middle finger:d right middle finger:k
left index finger:f right index finger:j
  • It is easier to find the basic position due to the small elevation on the keys f and j (index finger).
  • The two thumbs hang over the space key.